About Us

About Us

Ron’s Drywall Ltd.

Serving Nanaimo Since 1974

Founded in 1974 by Ron Einarsen, Ron’s Drywall Ltd. started by doing predominantly residential drywall projects. When there was a downturn in the residential housing market Ron did as all successful business people do; he found a way to keep the work flowing into the company by branching out into commercial and multi-residential projects. While Ron’s Drywall Ltd. still does residential work the shift to commercial and multi-residential work has become the main focus of the company’s efforts.

Constantly evolving in both scope and service Ron’s Drywall Ltd. strives to be the leader in the industry and the ‘first call’ for developers and general contractors looking to build not only in Nanaimo but also up and down Vancouver Island and the rest of the province. The list of contractors that call on Ron’s Drywall Ltd. for their services is long and impressive, the following is only a small (but important!) portion of that list:

  • Saywell Contracting Ltd.
  • Durwest Construction Management Ltd.
  • Coast Mountain Construction Ltd.
  • Island West Coast Developments Ltd.
  • Kinetic Construction
  • Knappett Projects Inc.
  • Newhaven Projects Ltd.
  • Lark Group
  • FMI – F & M Installations Ltd.
  • PCL Construction
  • AFC Construction
  • Heatherbrae Builders
  • Preview Builders International Inc.
  • Triple H Construction Ltd.
  • Unitech Construction Management Ltd.
  • Summit Brooke Construction
  • Beyersbergen Interiors Ltd.
In recent years the company has expanded into the insulation field by starting TLC Insulation Ltd, a division of Ron’s Drywall Ltd. As with its parent company, TLC Insulation Ltd. works on both commercial and residential projects, with the emphasis on the commercial side. Offering thermal and acoustical insulation as well as spray and fireproofing. TLC Insulation Ltd is the perfect complement to the drywall business to produce a “One Stop Shop” for your drywall needs, both big and small.

Ready to start a new drywall project? Let's work together 

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